Costs and logistics of a RTW trip

Costs and logistics of a RTW trip

About me

I quit the rat race in 2005, after working as an IT project manager for over a decade.   I then travelled around the world for 4 years, a period of my life which is covered by my Travelblog blog.  

My photos from this trip can be found on my Flickr account.  A selection can be found for sale at my Redbubble account.

After finishing my trip, I wrote a book about my dissatisfaction with my career, my reasons for quitting my job, life as a first-time thirtysomething backpacker, and finally the lessons learned from being exposed to experiences and people that I would never have encountered if I'd stayed in my office.  The book is called "Out Of Office Male" and is available as an eBook at:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany 
and other outlets.

I'm using this blog to retrospectively capture some of the more logistical and administrative aspects of my travelling, in particular associated costs, since that kind of information is often hard to come by in detailed form.

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